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Sisters Kiwanis strive to make a difference in our community by supporting the children who are to become our future.  Below are listed the officers and directors who have so graciously volunteered their time, skills and leadership to make it happen.

Officers & Committees for 2016-17


Committees and Projects

Volunteer Tracking Forms

President: Club Meetings & Admin: Easiest to use (print and fill):
Doug Wills Marcea DeGregorio  
President-Elect: Community Services:  Adobe Portable Document Format: 
Liam Hughes Matt Kirchoff Volunteer Data Sheet.pdf
Secretary: Public Relations:   
Roxanne Lenahan Dan Stearns For those who want to edit or manipulate data:
Treasurer: Food Bank:  
Jack McGilvary Kerry Bott Excel 97-2003 
Past-President: Fundraisers:  Volunteer Data Sheet.xls 
Suzanne Carvlin Roger Johnson  
  Youth Services:  
  Connor Bates  
  Suzy Ramsey  
  Sponsored Organizations and Programs:   
  Connor Bates  
  Human & Spiritual:   
  Dave Cox