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Sisters Kiwanis Endowment Fund

Your guarantee of community philanthropy now and in the future


Why an Endowment Fund?

An endowment provides a perpetual income stream for sustaining our charitable purposes.

For the Kiwanis Club of Sisters, it offers a way for individuals and groups to make donations that will ensure consistent funding for ongoing projects such as Kiwanis scholarships, the Sisters Food Bank and other necessary community improvements.

Who Gives to an Endowment fund?

People who care about a service organization, and the services it provides, often appreciate the value of making a legacy gift that will endure in perpetuity.

They find worthiness in:

✭ Investing in the future

✭ Buying a bit of immortality

✭ Memorializing themselves or someone they loved

✭ Sustaining a lifelong interest

✭ Providing financial stability to an organization

✭ Giving something back to their community or society

How is my money invested?

Recognizing the importance that stable funding represents to Kiwanis projects, Sisters Kiwanis has selected the Oregon Community Foundation(OCF) as management agency for its endowment fund.

Our endowment will be overseen by OCF’s board and investment committee, and assets will be invested as part of OCF’s professionally managed asset pool of more than $900 million dollars.

Kiwanis can add to the fund at any time and is, in turn, assured of regular distributions from our OCF assets.

What can I give to the Kiwanis Endowment Fund?

By its very nature, an endowment fund can accept assets in a variety of ways. Gifting opportunities include: cash; appreciated property such as real estate; publicly traded securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds); timberland and buildings; other gifts.

Gifts may be made by the donor on a one-time or annual basis, through a will, or on a deferred basis. Just as there are a variety of kinds of gifts that may be made to an endowment, so are the methods by which donations are made.

Ways of giving include, but are not limited to:

Direct donation of cash on a one-time or annual basis

Deferred gifts, such as bequests, charitable remainder trusts or charitable gift annuities

Unrestricted, designated or advised gifts

Gifts from IRA’s or other retirement plans

Your personal financial advisor or an Oregon Community Foundation representative can provide assistance in determining the method that best meets your needs and desires.

How can I make a donation to the Kiwanis Endowment?

By direct contribution to the Sisters Kiwanis Community Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

By a gift through the Oregon Community Foundation with notation that the donation is for the Sisters Kiwanis Endowment Fund.

For more information contact:


Jack McGilvary, Treasurer

(541) 410-2870